What is Dog Agility?

It is a competitive sport in which each dog and handler team runs an obstacle course together for the fastest, cleanest run. The dog runs the obstacles and the handler guides the dog through the course, a different course each time. Besides the thrill of competing, the team creates a style of communication and an intensity of their relationship that must be felt to understand. I often call this phenomenon the “Electric Leash.” It is the perfection of a dance team, synchronized in both movement and spirit for the duration of the run. It changes the relationship between dog and handler in every day life, as well. This profound experience is at the heart of the explosive development of Agility as a dog sport.

Who is Big Island Agility?

The Big Island Agility Club is a non-profit organization. Founded in 2006, our goals include providing a positive and athletic outlet to our dog community, for dogs regardless of breeding or size. Mixed breeds and pure bred dogs run together without distinction.

We strive to provide education for our members and the community to advance the interests of dog agility, encouraging sportsmanlike competition, and responsible handling and training of dogs in general.

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